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File path processing and resolution. More...


enum  AtFileType {
  Custom, Texture, OSL, Procedural,


AI_API AtString AiResolveFilePath (const char *file_path, AtFileType file_type, const char *custom_path=NULL)
 Processes a file path and resolves it against search paths. More...

Detailed Description

File path processing and resolution.

Function Documentation

AI_API AtString AiResolveFilePath ( const char *  file_path,
AtFileType  file_type,
const char *  custom_path = NULL 

Processes a file path and resolves it against search paths.

This function will first expand any environment variable references in the file path, and apply any existing path remapping to it. After that, if the custom_path string containes one or more paths, it will search for the file in those paths. If not found, and file_type is not "Custom", if will continue searching on the corresponding default path(s) for that type.

file_pathInitial file path to be processed and resolved
file_typeUsed to select one of the default search paths (or Custom for none of them)
custom_pathA custom search path or paths can be given here

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