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ai_cameras.h File Reference

API for writing camera nodes. More...

#include "ai_nodes.h"
#include "ai_vector.h"

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Data Structures

struct  AtCameraInput
 Camera ray creation inputs. More...
struct  AtCameraOutput
 Camera ray creation outputs. More...
struct  AtCameraNodeMethods
 Camera node methods structure. More...


 Camera node methods exporter. More...
Node Method Declarations
#define camera_create_ray   static void CameraCreateRay(const AtNode* node, const AtCameraInput& input, AtCameraOutput& output, uint16_t tid)
 Camera's camera_create_ray method declaration. More...
#define camera_reverse_ray   static bool CameraReverseRay(const AtNode* node, const AtVector &Po, float relative_time, AtVector2 &Ps)
 Camera's camera_reverse_ray method declaration. More...


API Methods for Camera Writers
AI_API void AiCameraInitialize (AtNode *node)
 Initialize the camera's internal data. More...
AI_API void AiCameraUpdate (AtNode *node, bool plane_distance)
 Updates camera's internal data. More...

Detailed Description

API for writing camera nodes.

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