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2 //
3 // Use of this software is subject to the terms of the Autodesk license
4 // agreement provided at the time of installation or download, or which
5 // otherwise accompanies this software in either electronic or hard copy form.
12 #pragma once
14 #include "ai_nodes.h"
15 #include "ai_api.h"
16 #include "ai_map.h"
37 {
41 };
43 AI_API int AiMaterialxWrite(const AtUniverse* universe, const char* filename, const char* look_name, const char* properties = NULL, bool relative = true);
44 AI_API int AiMaterialxWriteMaterial(const char* filename, const char* material_name, const AtNode* surface = NULL, const AtNode* volume = NULL, const AtNode* displacement = NULL);
46 AI_API AtArray* AiMaterialxGetLookNames(const char* filename);
47 AI_API AtArray* AiMaterialxGetMaterialNames(const char* filename);
49 AI_API int AiMaterialxReadMaterials(AtUniverse* universe, const char* filename, const AtParamValueMap* params = NULL, AtArray* nodes = NULL);
51 /*\}*/
This represents a universe in Arnold.
error loading the document
Definition: ai_materialx.h:39
AI_API AtArray * AiMaterialxGetMaterialNames(const char *filename)
Get a list of material names in a MaterialX document.
Definition: ai_materialx.cpp:48
AI_API int AiMaterialxReadMaterials(AtUniverse *universe, const char *filename, const AtParamValueMap *params=NULL, AtArray *nodes=NULL)
Populates an Arnold universe with materials in a MaterialX document.
Definition: ai_materialx.cpp:59
AI_API AtArray * AiMaterialxGetLookNames(const char *filename)
Get a list of look names in a MaterialX document.
Definition: ai_materialx.cpp:37
This represents a node in Arnold.
AtNode struct and methods.
MaterialX error codes.
Definition: ai_materialx.h:36
AI_API int AiMaterialxWrite(const AtUniverse *universe, const char *filename, const char *look_name, const char *properties=NULL, bool relative=true)
Generate and write a MaterialX document to a file from an Arnold scene.
Definition: ai_materialx.cpp:21
DLL export prefix for API functions (necessary for multi-platform development)
Key/Value storage.
no materials found
Definition: ai_materialx.h:40
no error
Definition: ai_materialx.h:38

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