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2 //
3 // Use of this software is subject to the terms of the Autodesk license
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12 #pragma once
13 #include "ai_color.h"
15 // forward declaration
16 struct AtShaderGlobals;
25 AI_API void AiBSSRDFEmpirical(const AtShaderGlobals* sg, AtRGB& direct, AtRGB& indirect, const float* mfp, const float* albedo, const AtRGB* weight, unsigned int num = 1);
26 AI_API AI_PURE bool AiShaderGlobalsFromSSS(const AtShaderGlobals* sg);
28 /*\}*/
RGB color.
Definition: ai_color.h:31
AI_API void AiBSSRDFEmpirical(const AtShaderGlobals *sg, AtRGB &direct, AtRGB &indirect, const float *mfp, const float *albedo, const AtRGB *weight, unsigned int num=1)
Calculate direct and indirectly lit SSS using an BSSRDF model that was empirically fitted to match br...
Definition: ai_sss.cpp:30
Color types and utilities.
Shader globals data structure.
Definition: ai_shaderglobals.h:45

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