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2 //
3 // Use of this software is subject to the terms of the Autodesk license
4 // agreement provided at the time of installation or download, or which
5 // otherwise accompanies this software in either electronic or hard copy form.
12 #pragma once
13 #include "ai_shaderglobals.h"
14 #include "ai_array.h"
15 #include "ai_color.h"
16 #include "ai_matrix.h"
17 #include "ai_vector.h"
18 #include "ai_nodes.h"
19 #include "ai_string.h"
20 #include <stdint.h> // uint32_t etc
63 #define AiUDataGetParameter(_name) AiUserGetParameterFunc(_name, sg)
64 /*\}*/
85 #define AiUDataGetBool(_name,_val) AiUserGetBoolFunc (_name, sg, _val)
86 #define AiUDataGetByte(_name,_val) AiUserGetByteFunc (_name, sg, _val)
87 #define AiUDataGetInt(_name,_val) AiUserGetIntFunc (_name, sg, _val)
88 #define AiUDataGetUInt(_name,_val) AiUserGetUIntFunc (_name, sg, _val)
89 #define AiUDataGetFlt(_name,_val) AiUserGetFltFunc (_name, sg, _val)
90 #define AiUDataGetRGB(_name,_val) AiUserGetRGBFunc (_name, sg, _val)
91 #define AiUDataGetRGBA(_name,_val) AiUserGetRGBAFunc (_name, sg, _val)
92 #define AiUDataGetVec(_name,_val) AiUserGetVecFunc (_name, sg, _val)
93 #define AiUDataGetVec2(_name,_val) AiUserGetVec2Func (_name, sg, _val)
94 #define AiUDataGetStr(_name,_val) AiUserGetStrFunc (_name, sg, _val)
95 #define AiUDataGetPtr(_name,_val) AiUserGetPtrFunc (_name, sg, _val)
96 #define AiUDataGetNode(_name,_val) AiUserGetNodeFunc (_name, sg, _val)
97 #define AiUDataGetArray(_name,_val) AiUserGetArrayFunc (_name, sg, _val)
98 #define AiUDataGetMatrix(_name,_val) AiUserGetMatrixFunc(_name, sg, _val)
99 /*\}*/
125 #define AiUDataGetDxyDerivativesFlt(_name,_dx_val,_dy_val) AiUserGetDxyDerivativesFltFunc (_name, sg, _dx_val, _dy_val)
126 #define AiUDataGetDxyDerivativesRGB(_name,_dx_val,_dy_val) AiUserGetDxyDerivativesRGBFunc (_name, sg, _dx_val, _dy_val)
127 #define AiUDataGetDxyDerivativesRGBA(_name,_dx_val,_dy_val) AiUserGetDxyDerivativesRGBAFunc (_name, sg, _dx_val, _dy_val)
128 #define AiUDataGetDxyDerivativesVec(_name,_dx_val,_dy_val) AiUserGetDxyDerivativesVecFunc (_name, sg, _dx_val, _dy_val)
129 #define AiUDataGetDxyDerivativesVec2(_name,_dx_val,_dy_val) AiUserGetDxyDerivativesVec2Func (_name, sg, _dx_val, _dy_val)
130 #define AiUDataGetDxyDerivativesArray(_name,_dx_val,_dy_val) AiUserGetDxyDerivativesArrayFunc (_name, sg, _dx_val, _dy_val)
131 #define AiUDataGetDxyDerivativesMatrix(_name,_dx_val,_dy_val) AiUserGetDxyDerivativesMatrixFunc(_name, sg, _dx_val, _dy_val)
132 /*\}*/
135 /*\}*/
137 AI_API AI_DEVICE const AtUserParamEntry* AiUserGetParameterFunc(const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals*);
139 AI_API AI_DEVICE bool AiUserGetBoolFunc (const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals*, bool&);
140 AI_API AI_DEVICE bool AiUserGetByteFunc (const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals*, uint8_t&);
141 AI_API AI_DEVICE bool AiUserGetIntFunc (const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals*, int&);
142 AI_API AI_DEVICE bool AiUserGetUIntFunc (const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals*, unsigned int&);
143 AI_API AI_DEVICE bool AiUserGetFltFunc (const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals*, float&);
144 AI_API AI_DEVICE bool AiUserGetRGBFunc (const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals*, AtRGB&);
145 AI_API AI_DEVICE bool AiUserGetRGBAFunc (const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals*, AtRGBA&);
146 AI_API AI_DEVICE bool AiUserGetVecFunc (const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals*, AtVector&);
147 AI_API AI_DEVICE bool AiUserGetVec2Func (const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals*, AtVector2&);
148 AI_API AI_DEVICE bool AiUserGetStrFunc (const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals*, AtString&);
149 AI_API AI_DEVICE bool AiUserGetPtrFunc (const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals*, void*&);
150 AI_API AI_DEVICE bool AiUserGetNodeFunc (const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals*, AtNode*&);
151 AI_API AI_DEVICE bool AiUserGetArrayFunc (const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals*, AtArray*&);
152 AI_API AI_DEVICE bool AiUserGetMatrixFunc(const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals*, AtMatrix&);
154 AI_API AI_DEVICE bool AiUserGetDxyDerivativesFltFunc (const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals*, float&, float&);
155 AI_API AI_DEVICE bool AiUserGetDxyDerivativesRGBFunc (const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals*, AtRGB&, AtRGB&);
156 AI_API AI_DEVICE bool AiUserGetDxyDerivativesRGBAFunc (const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals*, AtRGBA&, AtRGBA&);
157 AI_API AI_DEVICE bool AiUserGetDxyDerivativesVecFunc (const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals*, AtVector&, AtVector&);
158 AI_API AI_DEVICE bool AiUserGetDxyDerivativesVec2Func (const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals*, AtVector2&, AtVector2&);
159 AI_API AI_DEVICE bool AiUserGetDxyDerivativesArrayFunc (const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals*, AtArray*&, AtArray*&);
160 AI_API AI_DEVICE bool AiUserGetDxyDerivativesMatrixFunc (const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals*, AtMatrix&, AtMatrix&);
RGB color.
Definition: ai_color.h:31
This represents a node in Arnold.
AtNode struct and methods.
Vector math types, operators and utilities.
Shader globals struct, methods and macros.
Arnold String allows for fast string comparisons.
Definition: ai_string.h:46
3D point (single precision)
Definition: ai_vector.h:29
Color types and utilities.
Definition: ai_matrix.h:30
2D point
Definition: ai_vector.h:254
Shader globals data structure.
Definition: ai_shaderglobals.h:45
Generic array data type and methods.
AI_API AI_DEVICE const AtUserParamEntry * AiUserGetParameterFunc(const AtString, const AtShaderGlobals *)
Find a user-data parameter.
Definition: ai_userdefs.cpp:61
RGB color + alpha.
Definition: ai_color.h:266
Matrix math type and methods.
AtString class for fast comparisons.

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