Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 CAtBBox3D axis-aligned bounding box (uses single-precision)
 CAtBBox22D axis-aligned bounding box (uses integers)
 CAtBSDFLobeInfoBSDF lobe information
 CAtBSDFLobeSampleBSDF lobe sample
 CAtBSDFMethodsBSDF function table
 CAtCameraInputCamera ray creation inputs
 CAtCameraNodeMethodsCamera node methods structure
 CAtCameraOutputCamera ray creation outputs
 CAtColorManagerNodeMethodsColor Manager Node methods structure
 CAtCommonMethodsMethods common to all nodes
 CAtDriverNodeMethodsDriver Node methods structure
 CAtFilterNodeMethodsFilter Node methods structure
 CAtHPointHomogeneous point
 CAtLicenseInfoLicense info structure
 CAtLightSampleLight sample data structure
 CAtMetadataStoreThis structure holds a generic list of metadata items, each of which could optionally be associated to a specific parameter (for node metadata)
 CAtNodeThis represents a node in Arnold
 CAtNodeEntryThis represents a node type in Arnold
 CAtNodeLibUsed by dynamically-linked nodes to return node info
 CAtNodeMethodsNode methods
 CAtOperatorNodeMethodsCleanup method for child data which is passed to other operators
 CAtParamValueActual parameter value for each supported type
 CAtProfiledLockableWrapper for Lockable type mutexes, such as std::mutex and std::recursive_mutex
 CAtRayRay data structure
 CAtRenderUpdateInfoAdditional useful information about the render, received in the render callback
 CAtRGBRGB color
 CAtRGBARGB color + alpha
 CAtSamplerOpaque data type for a sampler
 CAtSamplerIteratorOpaque data type for a sampler iterator
 CAtSceneFormatDataProvides access to information about the scene format
 CAtSceneFormatExtensionIteratorAllows iterating over the list of supported extensions for a given scene format
 CAtSceneFormatIteratorAllows iterating over the list of supported scene formats
 CAtSceneFormatLibUsed by dynamically-linked scene format plugins
 CAtSceneFormatMethodsScene format methods
 CAtScrSampleUsed to hold the result of AiTrace() calls
 CAtShaderGlobalsShader globals data structure
 CAtShaderNodeMethodsShader Node methods structure
 CAtStringArnold String allows for fast string comparisons
 CAtStringHashFunctor class to use as a hasher when you want to make a hash map or hash set using AtString as a key
 CAtTextureHandleStructure that holds a handle for a given texture
 CAtTextureParamsStructure that holds all of the available texture map look-up options
 CAtUniverseThis represents a universe in Arnold
 CAtVector3D point (single precision)
 CAtVector22D point
 CAtVectorDvVector with differentials
 CAtVolumeDataVolume data, as returned by AtVolumeCreate

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