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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 ai.hUber-include file, convenient way of making the entire Arnold API available
 ai_adp.hAutodesk Analytics Program
 ai_allocate.hMemory allocation routines
 ai_api.hDLL export prefix for API functions (necessary for multi-platform development)
 ai_array.hGeneric array data type and methods
 ai_bbox.hAxis-aligned bounding box types and utilities
 ai_cameras.hAPI for writing camera nodes
 ai_closure.hClosure type and utilities
 ai_color.hColor types and utilities
 ai_color_managers.hAPI for writing color managers
 ai_constants.hVarious useful constants
 ai_critsec.hCritical section type that helps when writing multi-platform threaded code
 ai_deprecated.hMacros for backwards compatibility only - do not include this in new code
 ai_device.hAPI for managing gpu rendering
 ai_dotass.hAPI for reading and writing the .ass scene file format
 ai_driver_utils.hBasic utility functions for output drivers
 ai_drivers.hAPI for writing AOV driver nodes
 ai_enum.hEnum data type and utility functions
 ai_file_utils.hAPI for file path processing
 ai_filters.hAPI for writing pixel-filtering nodes
 ai_license.hUtility functions for the configuration of the licensing system
 ai_map.hKey/Value storage
 ai_materialx.hAPI for MaterialX
 ai_math.hMath operations
 ai_matrix.hMatrix math type and methods
 ai_matrix_private.hThis is enabled only inside of arnold and is disabled for client code
 ai_metadata.hAPI for writing and reading node metadata
 ai_msg.hAPI for logging messages of different severities - info, warnings, errors
 ai_node_entry.hAtNodeEntry type and methods
 ai_nodes.hAtNode struct and methods
 ai_noise.hPerlin noise and Worley cellular noise, in both scalar and vector flavors
 ai_operator.hAPI for writing operator nodes
 ai_params.hNode parameters
 ai_plugins.hRuntime loading of plugin nodes
 ai_procedural.hAPI for writing procedural geometry nodes
 ai_ray.hRay struct and various trace functions
 ai_render.hAPI for managing rendering sessions
 ai_sampler.hA generic, two-dimensional sampler that is sometimes useful when writing shaders
 ai_scene.hAPI for reading and writing scene file formats
 ai_scene_format.hAPI for writing custom scene formats
 ai_shader_aovs.hAOV-writing functions for shaders
 ai_shader_bsdf.hVarious BSDF functions available to shader writers
 ai_shader_closure.hShader closures
 ai_shader_lights.hShader utilities for sampling direct lighting from light sources
 ai_shader_message.hMessage passing API for shader writers
 ai_shader_parameval.hManual evaluation of shader inputs and their networks
 ai_shader_radiance.hRadiance and irradiance lookup functions
 ai_shader_sample.hStruct returned by AiTrace(), called "screen sample" for legacy reasons
 ai_shader_sss.hSSS functions for shaders
 ai_shader_userdef.hUser data functions for shaders
 ai_shader_util.hVarious utility functions for shader writers
 ai_shader_volume.hVolume functions for shaders
 ai_shaderglobals.hShader globals struct, methods and macros
 ai_shaders.hAPI for writing shader nodes
 ai_stats.hAPI for render statistics output
 ai_string.hAtString class for fast comparisons
 ai_texture.hTexture mapping system
 ai_threads.hMulti-platform API for the creation and management of CPU threads
 ai_unit_test.hAPI for executing unit tests
 ai_universe.hGlobal entry point to the scene graph elements (options, camera, lights, etc)
 ai_vector.hVector math types, operators and utilities
 ai_version.hVersion number information and checking of backwards-compatibility
 ai_volume.hAPI for writing volume and implicit surface plugins

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