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Bounding box creation and manipulation. More...

Data Structures

struct  AtBBox
 3D axis-aligned bounding box (uses single-precision) More...
struct  AtBBox2
 2D axis-aligned bounding box (uses integers) More...


AtBBox AiBBoxUnion (const AtBBox &b1, const AtBBox &b2)
 Compute the "union" of two bboxes. More...
AtBBox AiBBoxIntersection (const AtBBox &b1, const AtBBox &b2)
 Compute the intersection of two bboxes.
AtBBox AiBBoxLerp (float k, const AtBBox &lo, const AtBBox &hi)
 Linear interpolation between two bboxes (k=0 -> bbox=lo, k=1 -> bbox=hi)

Detailed Description

Bounding box creation and manipulation.

The AtBBox class is implemented as a 3D axis-aligned bounding box, using single precision for its internal storage and operation.

Function Documentation

AtBBox AiBBoxUnion ( const AtBBox b1,
const AtBBox b2 

Compute the "union" of two bboxes.

this name is misleading since it's the bbox of bboxes, not the union (which can be disjoint)

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