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Versioning API

Arnold version information. More...


 Full Arnold version as string.


AI_API const char * AiGetVersion (char *arch, char *major, char *minor, char *fix)
 Returns the Arnold version string. More...
AI_API const char * AiGetVersionInfo ()
 Returns the Arnold version string plus compile-time information. More...
AI_API const char * AiGetCompileOptions ()
 Returns a string with compile-time options. More...
AI_API bool AiCheckAPIVersion (const char *arch, const char *major, const char *minor)
 Checks if a given version string is compatible with the running version. More...
AI_API void AiSetAppString (const char *appstr)
 Sets the application-defined string. More...

Detailed Description

Arnold version information.

Function Documentation

AI_API const char* AiGetVersion ( char *  arch,
char *  major,
char *  minor,
char *  fix 

Returns the Arnold version string.

The version strings returned from this function are extracted from macros in the ai_version.h file that was used during compilation of the running Arnold library. This may or may not be the same ai_version.h file that the client application is compiling against.

archif non-NULL, the architecture version number will be copied into this string
majorif non-NULL, the major number will be copied here
minorif non-NULL, the minor number will be copied here
fixif non-NULL, the fix number will be copied here
full version string, exactly as it was defined in AI_VERSION when the running Arnold library was compiled, with the format: "arch.major.minor.fix"
AI_API const char* AiGetVersionInfo ( )

Returns the Arnold version string plus compile-time information.

This function serves as a handy shortcut for a string containing the software's name ("Arnold"), its full version string, plus compile-time options.

a non-NULL string
AI_API const char* AiGetCompileOptions ( )

Returns a string with compile-time options.

This function provides information about how and when this Arnold library was compiled. Some of the fields in the returned string are:

  • OS: operating system (linux, windows, osx, etc)
  • COMPILER: compiler and version (gcc, icc, msvc, etc)
  • GLIBC: glibc version (Linux-only)
  • debug: present if compiled in debug mode
  • DATE: build date and time
a non-NULL string containing the above fields
AI_API bool AiCheckAPIVersion ( const char *  arch,
const char *  major,
const char *  minor 

Checks if a given version string is compatible with the running version.

This function can be used to check whether the client application is binary-compatible with the running Arnold library.

The third (minor) number indicates that the changes are backwards compatible (but not forward compatible). For example: 3.0.1.x can load 3.0.0.x plugins and 3.0.1.x plugins, but not 3.0.2.x plugins.

archarchitecture version number to check against the running version, in string form
majormajor version number, in string form
minorminor version number, in string form
true if the versions are compatible
AI_API void AiSetAppString ( const char *  appstr)

Sets the application-defined string.

If defined by the host application, this string will be displayed at the top of both .log files and .ass files. This is a great way to inform users of things like the name of the application, its version number, build date etc.

appstrA non-NULL string, a copy of which will be internally stored.

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