Here is a list of all modules:
 Memory Allocation APIMemory allocation and deallocation
 AtArray APIAtArray objects construction and manipulation
 AtBBox APIBounding box creation and manipulation
 Camera NodesCamera initialization and update, and custom camera node implementation
 AtClosure APIAtClosure type and related utilities
 AtRGB APICreation and operation with Arnold color types
 Color Manager NodesImplementation of pluggable color manager nodes
 ConstantsNumerical contants used throughout the Arnold code
 Critical Section APIDeprecated implementation of a platform-agnostic critical section
 Render device APIRender device querying and selection
 ASS File APILoading and writing of .ass (Arnold Scene Source) scene files
 Output Driver NodesConstruction and manipulation of driver nodes
 AtEnum APIArnold AtEnum type
 File Utils APIFile path processing and resolution
 Pixel Sample Filter NodesSample filters creation and operation
 Licensing APIArnold license system information
 MaterialX APIMaterialX document processing
 Math FunctionsMath and comparison functions tuned for Arnold
 AtMatrix APIAtMatrix type creation and operation
 Metadata APIReading and writing of metadata
 Message Logging APILog management and operation
 AtNodeEntry APIAtNodeEntry methods
 AtNode APICreation, manipulation and operation with Arnold nodes
 Procedural Texturing APIMultiple noise functions, in both scalar and vector flavors
 Operator APIOperator node creation and operation
 AtParamEntry APIQuerying and operation with node parameters
 Plug-in Loading APILoading of external dynamically linked plugins into Arnold
 Procedural APIImplementation of custom Arnold procedural nodes
 Ray Tracing APICreation and manipulation of AtRay objects
 Rendering APIRender process operation and querying
 Sampler APIA generic, two-dimensional sampler that is sometimes useful when writing shaders
 Scene File APIScene file loading and writing using multiple formats
 Scene Format Plugin APIImplementation of custom scene formats
 AOV (Arbitrary Output Variables) APIAOV (Arbitrary Ouput Values) writing from inside a shader
 BSDF APIVarious BSDF functions available to shader writers
 Shader Closure APIAtClosure creation
 Light Sampling APILight sampling
 Shader Message Passing APIMessage passing between shaders
 Parameter Evaluation APIParameter value querying from shaders
 Irradiance / Radiance APIRadiance and irradiance lookup functions
 Screen SampleDefinition of the AtScrSample structure
 Sub-Surface Scattering APISSS utility functions
 User-Data APIUser-defined data access on geometry
 Shader Utility APIVarious utility functions for shader writers
 Volume Rendering APIVolume functions for shaders
 Shader Globals APIAtShaderGlobals structure contains data accessible during the shading process
 Shader NodesImplementation of custom shader nodes
 Render Statistics APIRender statistics querying and operation
 Texture Mapping APITexture mapping system
 Thread Management APIImplementation of platform-agnostic CPU threads
 Unit Testing APIUnit test execution
 Universe APIConstruction and manipulation of AtUniverse objects
 AtVector APIVector math types and their related utilities
 Versioning APIArnold version information
 Volume Plugin APIInteraction with custom volumes, implicit surfaces and formats at render time

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