Data Fields
AtLicenseInfo Struct Reference

License info structure. More...

#include <ai_license.h>

Data Fields

bool used
 true if this is the license used by the current Arnold installation
char name [64]
 product name
char ver [64]
 product version
char exp [64]
 expiration date
char options [64]
 product options
int count
 license count
int current_inuse
 license count in use
int current_resuse
 number of reservations in use
int hbased
 HOST-BASED count.
int hold
 license hold time
int max_roam
 maximum roam time
int max_share
 maximum number of processes that can share this license
int min_remove
 minimum rlmremove time
int min_checkout
 license minimum checkout time
int min_timeout
 minimum timeout time
int nres
 number of license reservations
int num_roam_allowed
 number of roaming licenses allowed
int roaming
 number of licenses currently roaming (for roaming licenses)
int share
 license share flags (share flags RLM_LA_SHARE_xxx are defined in license.h)
int soft_limit
 license soft limit
int thisroam
 1 if this license is a roaming license
int timeout
 current license timeout
int tz
 license timezone specification. More...
int tokens
 if 0, this is a normal license. More...
int type
 license type (license type flags RLM_LA__xxx_TYPE are defined in license.h)
int ubased
 USER_BASED count.

Detailed Description

License info structure.

Field Documentation

int AtLicenseInfo::tz

license timezone specification.

int AtLicenseInfo::tokens

if 0, this is a normal license.

If non-zero, this is a token-based license

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