Data Fields
AtRay Struct Reference

Ray data structure. More...

#include <ai_ray.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t type
 Type of ray (AI_RAY_CAMERA, etc)
uint8_t bounces
 Number of bounces so far (0 for camera rays)
uint8_t bounces_diffuse
 Number of diffuse bounces so far.
uint8_t bounces_specular
 Number of specular bounces so far.
uint8_t bounces_reflect
 Number of reflection bounces so far.
uint8_t bounces_transmit
 Number of transmission bounces so far.
uint8_t bounces_volume
 Number of volume bounces so far.
bool inclusive_traceset
 Is the trace-set inclusive or exclusive?
AtString traceset
 Trace-set for this ray.
uint16_t tid
 Thread ID.
uint16_t sindex
 Sub-pixel sample index when supersampling.
int x
 Raster-space X coordinate.
int y
 Raster-space Y coordinate.
float px
 Subpixel X coordinate in [0,1)
float py
 Subpixel Y coordinate in [0,1)
AtVector origin
 Ray origin.
AtVector dir
 Unit ray direction.
float mindist
 Minimum useful distance from the origin.
float maxdist
 Maximum useful distance from the origin (volatile while ray is traced)
const AtShaderGlobalspsg
 Parent shader globals (last shaded)
const AtLightSamplelight_sample
 Associated light sample, for shadow rays only.
AtRGB weight
 Ray weight, AI_RGB_WHITE for clean camera rays.
float time
 Time at which the ray was created, in [0,1)
AtVector dOdx
 Partial derivative of ray origin wrt image-space X coordinate.
AtVector dOdy
 Partial derivative of ray origin wrt image-space Y coordinate.
AtVector dDdx
 Partial derivative of ray direction wrt image-space X coordinate.
AtVector dDdy
 Partial derivative of ray direction wrt image-space Y coordinate.

Detailed Description

Ray data structure.

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