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AtVector Struct Reference

3D point (single precision) More...

#include <ai_vector.h>

Public Member Functions

AI_DEVICE constexpr AtVector (float x, float y, float z)
AI_DEVICE constexpr AtVector operator+ (const AtVector &p) const
AI_DEVICE AtVectoroperator+= (const AtVector &p)
AI_DEVICE constexpr AtVector operator+ (float f) const
AI_DEVICE AtVectoroperator+= (float f)
AI_DEVICE constexpr AtVector operator- (const AtVector &p) const
AI_DEVICE AtVectoroperator-= (const AtVector &p)
AI_DEVICE constexpr AtVector operator- (float f) const
AI_DEVICE AtVectoroperator-= (float f)
AI_DEVICE constexpr AtVector operator- () const
AI_DEVICE constexpr AtVector operator* (const AtVector &p) const
AI_DEVICE AtVector operator*= (const AtVector &p)
AI_DEVICE constexpr AtVector operator* (float f) const
AI_DEVICE AtVector operator*= (float f)
AI_DEVICE constexpr AtVector operator/ (const AtVector &p) const
AI_DEVICE AtVector operator/= (const AtVector &p)
AI_DEVICE AtVector operator/ (float f) const
AI_DEVICE AtVector operator/= (float f)
AI_DEVICE constexpr bool operator== (const AtVector &p) const
AI_DEVICE constexpr bool operator!= (const AtVector &p) const
AI_DEVICE AtVectoroperator= (float f)
AI_DEVICE float & operator[] (unsigned int i)
AI_DEVICE constexpr const float & operator[] (unsigned int i) const

Data Fields

float x
float y
float z


AI_DEVICE friend constexpr AtVector operator* (float f, const AtVector &p)
AI_DEVICE friend constexpr AtVector operator+ (float f, const AtVector &p)
AI_DEVICE friend constexpr AtVector operator- (float f, const AtVector &p)

Detailed Description

3D point (single precision)

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