Arnold for 3ds Max is provided by the MAXtoA plug-in.

Release Date

May 24, 2018

This is a feature release, using the Arnold core, and is MAXtoA build 937


Get the installer on Solid Angle Downloads.


  • OptiX denoiser : the denoiser can now be applied on the beauty pass without needing to create extra AOVs.
  • Noice denoiser: noice.exe can now be run from a dedicated UI, exposed as a new tab in the rendering options.
  • Message logging system: the target file for the Arnold messages can now be set directly from the rendering options.
  • Structured stats and profiling: render statistics and profiling info can now be output to json files. 


  • Fluids: rendering fluids as an Arnold Surface not working in Max 2018.
  • Crash when trying to change the number of points of the Ramp RGB map.
  • Wrong number of light, volume and alembic objects reported in the logged messages.
  • Undo-ing the Set Parameter operator can crash Max.
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