Arnold for 3ds Max is provided by the MAXtoA plug-in.

Release Date

August 10, 2018

This is a feature release, using the Arnold core, and is MAXtoA build 945


Get the installer on Solid Angle Downloads.


  • Texture Baking: the native render to texture workflow is now supported. The RTT UI has been extended to expose most of the Arnold AOVs as baking elements. Also, the following native Max baking elements can be rendered: CompleteMap, DiffuseMap, SpecularMap, ShadowsMap, LightingMap, AlphaMap, Ambient Occlusion (MR). 
  • Sheen in standard_surface: the standard surface shader supports a new, energy-preserving sheen effect designed to render cloth-like microfiber materials such as velvet.
  • New cell_noise shader: A new cell_noise has been added which can create many different useful cell-like patterns. The color of each cell is mapped to a palette parameter, enabling the easy creation of patterns with colors chosen from a specific palette.
  • New controls in range_shader: The range shader has been augmented with parameters to control contrast, bias and gain.
  • RGB clamping in clamp shader: The clamp shader can now be configured to either a scalar or color mode.
  • Matrix shaders: two new matrix shaders, matrix_multiply_vector and matrix_transform have been added.
  • Built-in Cryptomatte: the Cryptomatte AOV shader is now included.
  • New control in toon shader: edge detection can now be controlled using a string type user data called toon_id, that can be applied to the objects through the Arnold Properties modifier. Otherwise, the detected edges based on ID will be driven by the object's own name. 
  • Removed texture blur options: the texture blur parameters have been removed from the Arnold rendering options.
  • Improved sampling of spherical lights: a new technique for sampling point lights has been added which can show significant reductions in noise, especially for large lights illuminating surfaces at grazing angles.
  • Improved EXR read performance: threaded read performance and scaling of OpenEXR files has been greatly improved.
  • noice denoiser improvements: the stability and usability of the high-quality noice denoiser has been improved thanks to various bugfixes and improved error checking.
  • OptiX denoiser improvements: the GPU memory consumption of the fast OptiX denoiser has been greatly reduced proportionally to the number of denoised AOVs. Fringing artifacts around HDR pixels have been reduced.


  • Hash osl noise type now working.
  • Default ramp type for the Arnold ram shaders is now U instead of Custom.
  • Removed warnings about already declared user data in Active Shade.
  • The pre-pass rendering flag, if enabled, is now ignored in batch rendering mode.

See the Arnold release notes for the full list of enhancements and fixes.

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