Arnold for 3ds Max is provided by the MAXtoA plug-in.

Release Date

October 29, 2018

This is a feature release, using the Arnold core, and is MAXtoA build 956


Get the installer on Solid Angle Downloads.


  • New operator graph: a new dedicated graph is available for creating and connecting Arnold operators.  In the previous versions of the plugin, operators were inappropriately exposed as shaders in the material editor. Now a new graph is available through the top Arnold menu, where operators can be chained together and assigned to the scene. Operator graphs can be exported to an .ass file, to be loaded back or imported into other DCCs. Available only in Max 2019, operators have been discontinued in 2018.
  • Round Corners shader. This shader modifies the shading normals near edges to give the appearance of a round corner. The simplest way to use this shader is to connect its output to the surface shader's normal ports.
  • New layer_rgba clamp parameter and normal_map blending mode.
  • New Toon Sheen parameters.


  • Scene translation very slow for scenes with thousands of objects.
  • Shaders not in slate go lost after saving and loading back a scene.
  • Constant names for exported nodes in animation, making shaders like color_jitter inconsistent when rendering a sequence.
  • Mesh lights not picking up the texture map.

See the Arnold release notes for the full list of enhancements and fixes.




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