Release Date

July 31, 2019

This version uses the Arnold core. 

Important information about Arnold GPU (beta)



  • Update to Arnold

  • Support Arnold lights in the viewport.
  • Add a viewport representation for Procedurals and Alembics.
  • Support changes in rendering settings in Activeshade.
  • Support baking of height maps.

  • Support baking of normal maps.

  • Expose the clip_geo shader.
  • Alembic layers.
  • Expose the aov_read shaders.
  • Expose MAXtoA and Arnold versions to maxscript.


  • GPU: error in ActiveShade editing the scene before the render has started.

  • Making changes to scene while GPU cache is being populated crashes Arnold.

  • Clearing a procedural's operator while ActiveShade is running will crash Max.

  • The results of some maps from Arnold Multipass baking are not correct.

  • After an operator export, editing operator connections while Activeshade is running will crash Max.

  • AOVs and Drivers cannot be created from maxscript.
  • MapToMaterial - Deleting the map crashes in activeshade.
  • Baked outputs are always clamped.
  • Multi/Sub-Object material ON/OFF toggle not working in Arnold.


See the Arnold release notes for the full list of enhancements and fixes.

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