Release Date

March 11, 2020

Autodesk Network Licensing now requires new license files with an updated 2020 version. Please follow the instructions on this page to generate your license file. More info about Arnold 6 licensing can be found here.



  • Update to Arnold

  • Help isolating materials with void or invalid connected textures

  • Improve the material editor preview performances

  • MaterialX operator updated to support material assignments


  • Noisy beauty when rendering AOVs

  • GPU crash when trying to render the OSL Noise Gabor map

  • Active Shade fails to render VDB once the sequence goes out of range once

  • Can't stop AOVs render

  • Crash when baking a hidden or non-renderable object with projection

  • USDA and USDC Alembic files do not show in the viewport and the file selection interface

  • Better support in the viewport for procedural with n-sided polygons (other thn tris and quads)

See the Arnold release notes for the full list of enhancements and fixes.

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