Release Date

April 20, 2020

Autodesk Network Licensing now requires new license files with an updated 2020 version. Please follow the instructions on this page to generate your license file. More info about Arnold 6 licensing can be found here.

Support for 3dsMax 2018 has been discontinued



  • Update to Arnold

  • Add animation support for sequences of alembic files.

  • Support tokens for AOV output filenames. A series of tokens can be selected to define the output filenames (ex. Scene Name, Camera Name, etc.).

  • Save out USD. A scene can now be exported to a USD file from the Archive tab of the rendering options.

  • Increase the shaders' spinner accuracy, now using the system's Customize->Preferences...Spinners->Precision value.

  • Support MikkT tangent space for baking normals.

  • Bake normals using projection.

  • Show at least one of the maps baking without having to dig in a drop-down.

  • Faster shutdown after rendering massive instances.


  • Crash switching running Active Shade from Arnold to ART.

  • Batch Render: using multiple views and AOVs overwrites files. The problem can now be worked around by including the camera name token (see above) on the AOV output filename.

  • Incorrect buckets setting in ASinVP. Now obeying the bucket corners flag in the Active Shade options.

  • OSL internal headers now included by default, to support new OSL types.

  • Shape display mode corrupted for Alembic/Procedural/USD.

  • Incorrect shader ball with legacy maps.

  • Lights converted from Photometric to Arnold have incorrect targets.

  • Watermark showing when previewing materials.

  • Baking to texture crashes if Active Shade is open.


See the Arnold release notes for the full list of enhancements and fixes.

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