MAXtoA 4.3.1 is a bugfix release using Arnold 


  1. Download Arnold for 3ds Max.
  2. Follow the installation instructions.

System Requirements


  • Imagers: the light_mixer's exposure should stop up/down by 1 (maxtoa#1040)

  • Imagers: rollouts supports pan operation, better sizing of the imagers tab and light mixer (maxtoa#1049)

Bug Fixes

  • Crashing cases when archiving to .usd (maxtoa#834, maxtoa#1035)

  • Clipgeo not updated in ARV + IPR (maxtoa#892)

  • ARV: Opening the render setup dialog refreshes IPR (maxtoa#893)

  • ARV should be interactive during baking (maxtoa#960)

  • ARV: Toggling Solo on/off in the light mixer very quickly can temporarily break solo (maxtoa#1016)

  • Some export operations always show the compatibility warning (maxtoa#1050)

  • Imagers: the light mixer crashes on GPU when adding light groups (maxtoa#1033)

  • Imagers: the last layer is not removed as expected when the light mixer is not selected (maxtoa#1062)

  • core#10355 Do not warn about loading non-Arnold Yeti libraries
  • core#10334 [GPU] Deleting layers in imager_light_mixer cause GPU crashes and frame corruption
  • core#10345 [GPU] Stack overflow when using wireframe with many sided polygons
  • core#10306 [Imagers] imager_denoiser_noice creates black layers for AOVs not matching layer_selection
  • core#10269 [Imagers] Slowdown when doing frequent imager updates
  • core#7216 [OSL] Wrong hit distance returned after trace() call
  • core#10316 Rare IPR hang
  • core#4530 Reset texture cache stats after every render
  • core#4845 Support detection of Windows version > 8.0
  • usd#654 Transform is not synced for the points primitive

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