MAXtoA 4.3.3 is a bugfix release, upgrading to Arnold and extending the exposure to MAXScript of the AOV manager, the Light Group manager, and the Renderview.


  1. Download Arnold for 3ds Max.
  2. Follow the installation instructions.

System Requirements


Bug Fixes

  • core#9900 Arnold can raise signals twice if they are handled by the host application
  • core#10621 Artifacts or crashes when interactively changing object's number of transform motion keys or shutter interval
  • core#10511 Artifacts with implicit surface shapes
  • core#10491 Crash due to NaN values in volume displacement
  • core#10516 Crash when passing a null pointer to AiASSLoad()
  • core#9425 Crash when updating the dependency graph after deleting a node
  • core#10395 [GPU] Interactively editing a procedural transform does not update the included lights
  • core#10377 Incorrect motion blur on visible quad and point lights when not using the default shutter
  • core#10483 Large implicit surface shapes can cause slow or hung renders
  • core#10488 Slowdown in stats output when ADP libraries are not found
  • core#10528 [OCIO] Upgrade to bugfix release 2.0.1
  • usd#795 GfMatrix4d attributes are not converted to AI_TYPE_MATRIX parameters
  • usd#778 Procedural doesn't read some animated parameters properly
  • usd#790 Reset the disp_map parameter instead of setting nullptr when there is no displacement
  • usd#768 Custom typed primitives are not written if they already exist

  • maxtoa#625 Output resolution changes do not update live in IPR: changing the Output Size preset and the related presets now restarts the Renderview. Some cases still don't work, like changing the X or Y resolution manually when in an Output Size other than Custom.
  • maxtoa#1089 ARV: error thrown when ARV appears: a missing View transform error message has been removed.
  • maxtoa#1111 Folder Browser doesn't show for Search Paths / Plugin
  • maxtoa#1119 Clamp AA Samples OFF still clamps to AA Max Value

  • maxtoa#1133 Scene with xrefs crashes 3ds Max 2022
  • maxtoa#1147 Force the installer to overwrite all the file

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