MAXtoA 5.0.0 is a feature release, upgrading to Arnold


  1. Download Arnold for 3ds Max.
  2. Follow the installation instructions.

System Requirements


  • Expose the color_curves imager (MAXTOA-1181)

  • Expose the Intel open image denoiser imager (MAXTOA-1168)

  • Expose the imager_tonemap's LUT parameters (MAXTOA-1131)

  • Expose the imager_tonemap's mix parameter (MAXTOA-1184)

  • Expose EXR's multipart parameter (MAXTOA-1136)

  • Expose the ignore_imagers flag in the Diagnostic tab of the rendering options (MAXTOA-1125)

  • Expose the quad_light's resolution parameter (MAXTOA-763)

  • Better defaults for the lights' intensity depending on the type: the default intensity, exposure, normalize values are now different, based on the type, to have a better first-use experience. These defaults get propagated to the next created light only if modified while creating the last light. Instead, editing an existing light will not affect the defaults for the next created light. Also, if, for a given light, you switch the type and edit the above parameters, they remain local to this very light, and to each of the types (MAXTOA-1164)
  • Improve the lights' UI layout: the parameters for all the light types are now better sized and aligned, the lights' target distance defaults to 15 (MAXTOA-1173, MAXTOA-1187)
  • Portal mode of skydome_light now defaulting to Interior Only (MAXTOA-1213)
  • Translate OSL multi-output shaders links as native Arnold links. This replaces the previous way, where we translated those shaders by duplicating each OSL node (once for each linked output connection) and setting a different output user data for each (MAXTOA-1201)
  • Distribute a standard OCIO config (MAXTOA-1216)
  • Add support for scene units. When exporting to a .ass, the file contains the information about the units setting. When used as a procedural in a scene using a different unit, the procedural is correctly rescaled (MAXTOA-1217)
  • Use the core texture_use_existing_tx parameter. The tx extension replacement for texture files is now handled by Arnold instead than by the translator. When doing so, Arnold will also ignore the original image color space, and default to pure linear mode. This means that textures other than linear (ex. any 8-bit format) that the user wants to convert to tx should be converted manually into the rendering color space using the --colorconvert "sRGB" "scene-linear Rec.709-sRGB" options when running maketx (MAXTOA-1218)
  • AiMakeTx applies color transformation when autogenerating tx files. What described above is now handled automatically by the plugin when using Auto-convert Textures to TX (MAXTOA-1240)

GPU Enhancements

USD Enhancements

Incompatible Changes

Bug Fixes

  • MAXTOA-700 - Lights shape only showing when selected. On creating a light, the Always Visible in Viewport flag is now enabled by default
  • MAXTOA-1085 - Imagers: flushing effect with the Physical Camera exposure control on
  • MAXTOA-1109 - ARV: Light Mixer: copy/swap colors triggers multi selection
  • MAXTOA-1134 - AOV outputs don't get denoised
  • MAXTOA-1146 - Environment, Background & Atmosphere settings should affect IPR
  • MAXTOA-1166 - Crash while setting a light group
  • MAXTOA-1172 - Imagers: Rearranging/adding imagers while IPR is running crashes Max
  • MAXTOA-1177 - Crash on exporting to MaterialX
  • MAXTOA-1188 - Incorrect orbiting around area lightsMAXTOA-1197 - Memory leak rendering a sequence with Arnold subdivisions enabled
  • MAXTOA-1198 - Remove the warnings about using the box filter for the Optix denoisers
  • MAXTOA-1202 - Cases of interactive renders restarting without a real change in the scene
  • MAXTOA-1215 - Max freezes removing AOV shaders while IPR is running
  • MAXTOA-1228 - Physical material adds thin film thickness contribution in Max < 2023
  • MAXTOA-1233 - Change the imagers' exposure spinner step to 0.01, limit the minimum to -100

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