Use the color correct imager to adjust saturation, contrast, gamma, gain and offset for the whole luminance range, or only for shadows, midtones, or highlights.


Enables the imager.

Main Saturation

Saturation multiplier for all values.

Main Contrast

Contrast multiplier for all values.

Main Gamma

Gamma amount for all values.

Main Gain

Gain color multiplier for all values.

Main Offset

Offset color amount for all values.

Shadows Saturation

Saturation multiplier for darker values.

Shadows Contrast

Contrast multiplier for darker values.

Shadows Gamma

Gamma amount for darker values.

Shadows Gain

Gain color multiplier for darker values.

Shadows Offset

Offset color amount for darker values.

Midtones Saturation

Saturation multiplier for midtone values.

Midtones Contrast

Contrast multiplier for midtone values.

Midtones Gamma

Gamma amount for midtone values.

Midtones Gain

Gain color multiplier for midtone values.

Midtones Offset

Offset color amount for midtone values.

Highlights Saturation

Saturation multiplier for brighter values.

Highlights Contrast

Contrast multiplier for brighter values.

Highlights Gamma

Gamma amount for brighter values.

Highlights Gain

Gain color multiplier for brighter values.

Highlights Offset

Offset color amount for brighter values.


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