Left: without denoising. Right: using imager_denoiser_oidn.


The Oidn denoiser (based on Intel's Open Image Denoise technology) is available as a post-processing effect. It is integrated into Arnold for use with IPR as an imager (so that you get a very quickly denoised image as you're moving the camera and making other adjustments). 

  • Arnold will automatically force a box_filter on outputs with filters with known issues when either of the denoisers are used. This is because the Oidn denoiser does not perform well with filters that span across multiple pixels.
  • Denoisers won't work as well after imagers have been applied to them. Therefore denoisers should be applied before any other post-processing imagers (top of imagers list).
  • The Oidn denoiser only works on full frames rather than buckets.



Enables the imager.

Layer Selection 

Enables the imager. 


Output Suffix  

When set, creates a new additional output with the input name plus the suffix in which the denoised result will be written into. For example, when denoising the "RGBA" AOV with the output_suffix set to "_denoised", the denoised result will be written into a new "RGBA_denoised" output. It only works with multi-layer drivers.


Optional albedo feature AOV is used to improve denoising quality (denoise_albedo_noisy is the default). Setting to an empty string "" will disable the use of feature AOVs, which might give better results when denoising AOVs for which no albedo exists.

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