• Currently, Arnold refreshes the IPR when a new imager is added. It is, therefore, recommended to add imagers before starting an IPR session.
  • Denoiser imagers should be applied before post-processing imagers if the post-processing is introducing new features in the image (ex: bloom).
  • You should apply the imager_light_mixer before any denoiser imagers, as light AOVs won't necessarily be denoised by the denoiser.

Post-processing nodes called imagers operate on pixels before the output driver. Imagers can be chained together.

It is possible to save Imagers chains in a Material Library. This makes it possible to share the library and reload the chains in any scene.


The following imagers are available below:



Multiple imagers chained together in the Slate Material Editor

A video tutorial that shows how to use imagers can be found here.

The physical camera controls can coexist with other Arnold imagers. In that case, the physical camera controls apply at the very end, so after the other imagers, to preserve the look between the legacy Frame Buffer and the Arnold RenderView.

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