Applies a MaterialX look. The operator supports native Arnold shaders and the MaterialX standard library.

More information about MaterialX can be found here.


Enable/disable the operator. Disabled operators are bypassed when the operator graph is evaluated.


Selection expression. If the operator is connected to a procedural the selections are assumed to be relative to the procedural's namespace.


The MaterialX source document containing one or more looks. The source document can either be a file or an inline XML string.


Current look variant name that should be used from the MaterialX document.

Search Path

Defines one or more locations to search for included mtlx files, where a semicolon is used to define separate paths. Environment variables are also supported using the Arnold bracket notation, e.g. [ARNOLD_PATH]. By default, the search path is automatically set to find the Arnold node definitions. The operator also supports setting the default search path using the environment variable 'ARNOLD_MATERIALX_SEARCH_PATH'.

Assign Materials

Enables/disables material assignments.

Assign Properties

Enables/disables property assignments.


Connected upstream operator nodes. 



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