The Facing Ratio shader can also be used to achieve this shading effect.

Rollover image


A rim shader is useful for achieving a lighting effect related to the contour/outline edges of an object. The above scene demonstrates a simple shader that simulates a fake rim light shading effect. It can be useful for creating fresnel or cartoon-like skin effects.

The shader can be downloaded here.


The rim shader effect is primarily controlled by connecting a Utility shader (set to ndoteye) to the Specular Weight or Base Color parameter of a Standard Surface shader.

Final shader network


Utility Shader

Complement shader

  • Complement shader is inserted before the Utility shader to invert the ndoteye effect of the Utility shader.

Color Correct

A Color Correct shader can also be added to refine the rim shading effect. The images below show the effect adjusting the gamma parameter has on the rim shading effect.

Specular Color  

 Adjusting the Specular Color can also give different effects.




Thanks to sample and hold for the use of the toy scan model.

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