Release Date


  • Support for curves.
  • Support for light linking.
  • Added API for third-party developers.
  • Support for Camera Mapping projection in Texture Tag.
  • Support for layer visibility.
  • Supporting 'Make editable' command in Arnold Procedurals.
  • Added 'Plugin path' option to Arnold settings.
  • Added 'About' dialog.


  • Instancing with nested objects.


  • Creating objects whilst IPR is active and running creates them without attributes.
  • Wrong IPR update when parent transform of a light has been changed.
  • Shader previews disappear after making changes during IPR.
  • Wrong file names of AOV sequences.
  • IPR update is wrong when changing visibility of parent.
  • Changing resolution does not work in IPR.


  • Increase Sample rate when rendering closed splines (such as a Circle).
  • API documentation is available here: C++ API *old*



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