Release Date


  • Displacement workflow redesign
  • Volumetric object
  • Supporting C4D Subdivision Surface object
  • Support for animated textures


  • IPR performance improvement
  • Change progressive refinement sampling levels, added level +1


  • Crash when closing C4D on R16 OSX
  • 2D Bump Map in Arnold Material crashes C4D
  • IPR crash when removing Sky object
  • Wrong render when cloning instancer with nested objects
  • Arnold Material preview is not created when IPR is active
  • No motion blur render with Cloner and Effector
  • Arnold parameters tag on C4D environment object
  • Crash when cloning an Arnold Procedural object
  • IPR crash when copy an object with a standard shader
  • Deformation with a Cloner / Array rendered wrong
  • Glitches in IPR when changing color profile


  • Rendering volumes is much slower in R15 than in R16, we're trying to find out why

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