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  • Custom AOVs created by c4d_shading_engine are not displayed in the AOV editor
  • Arnold version number displayed in IPR Window title
  • Standard shader: disable "Reflectance at normal" parameter when "Fresnel use IOR" is enabled
  • Crash in IPR when scale is set to 0
  • Linking to external shaders causes Cinema 4D start to hang
  • Wrong file name pattern resolving
  • Render mode is not exported in Arnold TP object
  • Different render on OSX and Windows when using cubic mapping
  • When a subdivision surface is disabled the object should be rendered without subdivision
  • Subdivision does not exported with Symmetry Object
  • Update preview after copying a material
  • Crash when opening IPR while render to PV is running
  • Focus is wrong in IPR when using Focus Object in the camera
  • Use position and scale values to display sphere of skydome_light in the viewport
  • Volume Object - missing vdb sequence fails render
  • Volume bounding box is not recalculated when moving the timeline
  • Sky with Texture sometimes crashes C4D
  • Remove Cache Textures Handled from the aiImage template
  • IPR does not update when changing displacement map
  • Use shader link as displacement field


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