Release Date


  • Support for the View menu of the viewport in IPR
  • Support for <udim> token in image shader
  • Unique and valid node names in the Arnold scene
  • Support for color profile options in Project Settings (Linear Workflow, Input Color Profile), gamma correction options from Arnold Render settings are removed
  • Handle file names with special characters


  • Updated to Arnold
  • IPR performance improvement: update only the camera if nothing else changed, update only the transformation matrix of an object if nothing else changed
  • Add width / height parameters to quad light
  • Remove Pause button from IPR window
  • Add color swatch to Color temperature option of lights
  • Improved translator creation logic, reading caches of object generators
  • Advanced Material Preview (with reflections)
  • Shader link parameter enhancement in Arnold Material/Shader/Light


  • Clones with dynamics are always displayed in theyr start position (static)
  • Redesign particle export
  • IPR mesh light undo causes crash
  • Arnold Camera disabling and reenabling DOF does not work (eventually crashing Cinema 4D)
  • Crash with motion blur when geo topology changes (geo cache)
  • Texture Tag Coordinates are not evaluated
  • Missing texture option in mesh light tag


Because of color correction changes ass files used in procedurals have to be reexported and visible mesh light has to be reexposed.


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