Release Date


  • Node based shader editor

  • Add common shader library


  • IPR does not update in a simulation scene when playing the timeline
  • No way to add a static file name with a number in Arnold Volume
  • Animation of the hair is not updated in IPR
  • Crash in IPR with MoSpline when changing Level of Detail in the viewport
  • Wrong IPR update with a metaball scene starting from frame 0
  • Crash when object visibility is animated
  • Object is not hidden when ObjectGenerator visiblity is off
  • Set default Texture Tag projection to UVW
  • MoGraph text does not update correctly in IPR when moving the timeline
  • Crash in IPR using MoText when playing the scene
  • Deformation does not update properly in IPR
  • Add c4d_texture_tag to the Arnold scene only when it's necessary



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