Release Date


  • Support of Turbulence FD
  • Team Render
  • Tx Manager window
  • Update to Arnold 4.2.3
  • Add help links to the Arnold menu
  • Support for Vertex Map shader
  • Flush Caches command


  • Custom AOVs are not displayed in IPR
  • Remove Arnold plug-in path from render settings
  • IPR crash when delete and undo a shader in a network
  • Boole object does not render properly with Cloner
  • Tag parameters are removed when "custom" particle shape type is selected
  • Crash when rendering motion blur with an animated cloner


  • TFD support is not complete, it's available only for Windows and shader sampling has not added to the new host-independent TFD API yet. Jascha will update the API within a couple of weeks.
  • Using Arnold drivers in Team Render in single frame mode is not supported.
  • Dynamic file allocation is not supported in Team Render in R15, so there could be problems with volume or procedural sequences. Workaround is to add these files to a shared folder and use network paths (starts with \\).
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