Release Date

February 15, 2016

This version uses the Arnold core.




  • Render failed when a parent object has one material assigned to a polygon selection
  • Can not assign the same material to multiple selection tags
  • Apply texture tag projection for displacement maps
  • A material reference connected to a ramp color does not work
  • Arnold Volume velocity_grids parameter is not exported correctly
  • Use smoke as the default scattering with TFD when available
  • Support for rotation and scale of an Emitter
  • Spline deformation does not work
  • Tokens are not supported in save path by single frame Team Render
  • Alpha channel is not saved by single frame Team Render
  • Lights are brighter in IPR after grouping them
  • No IPR update when a shader is assigned to a parent object
  • IPR crash when shading particles
  • IPR renders every frame when Thinking Particles changes
  • IPR crash when removing X-Particles Material
  • No IPR update with Display Color user data
  • Crash in IPR when 'Show Objects' of an Emitter is disabled
  • IPR crash when TP group changes


  • Because of the new material preview widget previews will be black in old scenes until a new preview render is forced manually.
  • Default TFD scattering channel is changed to smoke when it's enabled instead of density. This can change the look of old scenes with no volume_collector shader assigned to a TFD container.
  • Size of the particle instances used with Thinking Particles is changed,  thus old scenes may render differently.


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