Release Date

April 4, 2016

This version uses the Arnold core.




  • Crash when copying a procedural and stopping the IPR
  • C4D hangs when open a scene while IPR is running
  • Gamma of a .tx texture in the viewport is wrong
  • Can not reload image when the render is running
  • AOVs do not add up to beauty when mix node is used
  • Arnold Lights do not respect the current Workplane
  • Can not link texture to camera UV Remap parameter
  • No motion blur by an Emitter with child objects
  • Visibility flags of an Emitter do not apply to particle instances
  • Textures with non-ascii characters are not loaded
  • TFD render stops when the path is invalid
  • Occasional crashes when using tx files in Arnold Sky


  • There are changes in the C4DtoA API so third-party developers have to rebuild their C4DtoA extensions.
  • Because of the Emitter visibility override fix older scenes where non-default shape settings were used might render differently.

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