Release Date

April 28, 2016

This version uses the Arnold core.




  • Crash on OSX when closing C4D
  • Occasinal crashes when changing takes in R17
  • Wrong IPR update when loading a scene with SDS object
  • Wrong motion blur with Thinking Particles when the particle number changes
  • IPR hangs when Arnold Volume object is aligned to spline
  • AOV path in single frame Team Render does not match the path of the animation rendering
  • Shader network editor still shows the original preview after coping a material
  • Can not connect Matrix type ports in shader network editor
  • Utility shader in obj mode changes color between IPR updates
  • 'Remove unused materials' command removes material of a custom AOV tag
  • Object mask tag does not work with render instances


  • There are changes in the C4DtoA API so third-party developers have to rebuild their C4DtoA extensions.
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