Release Date

July 06, 2015

This version uses the Arnold core.


  • Support for emitter geometry
  • Support for spline vertex maps
  • Support for creases (weight tag) in subdivision
  • Added facing_ratio shader


  • Support for Hair Material thickness
  • Light interaction manipulators added to the viewport
  • Export the tessellated geometry of Subdivision Surface Object
  • Replace textures in image shaders from Project Info
  • Optimize translator creation and export by a Cloner
  • Add space transformation parameters to vector_displacement shader
  • Keep relative paths relative in the exported ASS files


  • Occasional crashes in IPR with mesh light and light linking
  • Light linking of Arnold Mesh Light tag is skipped
  • Arnold Sky is missing light linking options
  • A texture applied to the color of a mesh_light has no effect in the visible light
  • Procedural is not rendered in Team Render when an ASS sequence is given by relative path
  • 'Save Project with Assets' does not work for ASS and OpenVDB files
  • Display color is not linearized
  • Render interrupt has a long delay in some scenes
  • Crash in IPR when an XRef is disabled
  • IPR crash when repeat undo/redo deletion of active camera
  • Do not add postfix to file name by beauty AOV
  • Bitmap sequence given by absolute path is not rendering
  • Arnold Material is duplicated when duplicating an object
  • Can not change tag values in python script when adding a new object
  • "No clients are online" error in Team Render single frame render prior to R16.050
  • Displacement is rebuilt when changing the beauty root shader
  • Background defined in Render Settings is not rendered when restarting IPR
  • Do not render original light in a Cloner
  • Procedurals with assets in Team Render does not work
  • Black material previews when opening a scene


  • Incompatible changes:
    • Hair thickness settings are removed from Arnold Parameters tag.
    • Old scenes using display color can have different result because display color is now linearized.
    • ASS and OpenVDB sequences have to be moved to the tex folder when using relative path.
    • Writing beauty to a file from a driver has a different file name, e.g. output.exr instead of output_beauty.exr.
  • C4D and Arnold use different subdivision algorithms which can result in slight mismatches in the following cases:
    • soft creases
    • hard edge creases


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