Release Date

July 21, 2016

This version uses the Arnold core.



  • Improved viewport preview of shader networks
  • Preview in the image shader
  • Auto open file dialog when an image shader is created
  • Auto connect first shader to the beauty port in the network editor
  • Drag & drop a vertex map to the shader network editor
  • Added support for xpChangeGroup modifier
  • Export vertex maps in Mesh Particles Tag
  • Keep image position after scaling and zooming in IPR
  • Silent install on Windows


  • IPR crash with xref
  • IPR crash with a procedural under a Cloner
  • Crash when starting a PV render while a material preview is rendering
  • Animation render stops when opening a new scene
  • Repeating frames in Bitmap shader animation
  • Relink in Asset/Tx Manager does not work for <udim> textures
  • Object mask does not work on an emitter
  • Instance of a Null object with a subdivision surface does not render
  • Nested cloners don't work when Render Instances enabled on top cloner
  • Missing assets with procedurals in Team Render
  • Team Render stuck on render error
  • Render error with empty polygon selection
  • Problem with Cubic projection and scaling


  • There are changes in the C4DtoA API so third-party developers have to rebuild their C4DtoA extensions.
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