Release Date

January 23, 2017

This version uses the Arnold core.


Users can now select different bucket sizes for the render and the IPR.

Users can now define to convert only specific frames of image sequences to TX.

  • Support for the render override of the Alembic Object in the IPR

The Alembic object has an 'Override Object for Rendering' parameter, where the user can define an alembic file used exclusively in the render. This object is now displayed in the IPR as well.

  • Change the Defer StandIn Load parameter of the Arnold Procedural to Load at init
  • Change Ignore motion blur to Enable motion blur in the IPR window menu


  • IPR doesn't update when you select cameras from Camera list

  • Channel button in IPR Window freezes Cinema 4D on OSX

  • Remove the unnecessary shader link option from Arnold Sky's Type parameter


This addition allows third-parties to use a custom display driver for rendering or in an IPR session to display the render in an external viwer (e.g. Aton).

This change makes the usage of shape overrides (e.g. visibility, opaque, etc.) of the Instancer API more cleaner.

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