Release Date

May 11, 2017

This version uses the Arnold core.

On Windows, C4DtoA 2.0 and later require the Visual Studio 2015 redistributable


  • Set normal, bump and displacement map to linear by default

  • Disable invalid parameters in the shader input port menu

  • Help button in the shaders


  • Can not connect shaders to the ray_switch_shader

  • Mix shader in old scenes is loaded with black input color

  • Image shader color spaces are missing occasionally

  • The emission AOV is black when a layer shader is used

  • The IPR does not update when changing parameters of a Substance Asset

  • The IPR does not update when the LPE of a custom AOV is modified

  • Can not edit the LPE when a custom AOV is renamed

  • Auto open of the network editor is too annoying

  • Do not show the common shape parameters of a third-party procedural


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