Release Date

May 28, 2018

This version uses the Arnold core.

On Windows, C4DtoA 2.0 and later require the Visual Studio 2015 redistributable.




  • Optix denoiser conflicts with other plugins

  • Render error with older Nvidia driver

  • Inconsistent object mask AOV filter

  • Export polygon selections when no shader is assigned to them

  • Thin Walled SSS geometry is destroying mattes

  • IPR does not update when an instanced procedural is removed

  • Crash with AOVs when rendering takes in Team Render

  • Crash on OSX when taking a snapshot in the IPR while adaptive sampling is higher than 9

  • Crash in the IPR when rendering AA_inv_density AOV with a heatmap filter

  • Light linking does not work with Box and Sphere type volumes

  • Crash when ASS export is interrupted

  • Do not use the global namespace for procedurals

  • The Left, Front, Top, etc. camera projections do not respect the viewport rotation

  • Use the default string of the AOV type parameters as the AOV name

  • Crash on exit when procedural parameter overrides are used

  • IPR crash with instances in a heavy scene

  • Do not animate Alembic in the viewport by default

  • X-Particles scene renders extremely slowly when you enable motion blur

  • Scene with XP Generator object and XP group crashes when exporting to ASS

  • Set the current working directory when loading or changing a scene

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