Release Date

August 10, 2018


This version uses the Arnold core. See the Release Notes.

On Windows, C4DtoA 2.0 and later require the Visual Studio 2015 redistributable.


  • Texture baking: a new dialog is added that will produce an image of a given polymesh's shaded UV space as output.

  • Sheen in standard surface: the standard surface shader supports a new, energy-preserving sheen effect designed to render cloth-like microfiber materials such as velvet. The sheen effect is layered on top of the diffuse and subsurface components.
  • New cell noise shader: a new cell noise shader has been added which can create many different useful cell-like patterns. The color of each cell is mapped to a palette parameter, enabling the easy creation of patterns with colors chosen from a specific palette.
  • Export / import operator graphs: operator graphs now can be exported to an ASS file and import back in any DCCs supported.

  • Built-in cryptomatte: the Cryptomatte ID matte creation tool is now being included as a part of the Arnold core package.

  • Matrix shaders: The matrix_multiply_vector and matrix_transform shaders have been reinstated.



  • ASS export from command line does match ass export from gui

  • Exported xpEmitters don't match original if you have a short particle lifespan

  • Multiple folders in the procedural search path do not work on OSX

  • Arnold tag shows wrong parameters on a Lathe object under a Cloner


  • Length unit: the following parameters have changed to length unit type, therefore they are multiplied by 100 when the scene is loaded in a previous version.
    • Aperture size of the perspective and fisheye camera.
    • Displacement padding and displacement zero value in the Arnold tag of meshes.
    • Volume padding.
    • Near and far clip of the ambient occlusion shader.
    • AO distance of the utility shader.
    • Radius of the curvature shader.


  • The Cryptomatte AOVs can be assigned only to an EXR driver, therefore Cryptomatte has no preview in the Picture Viewer and IPR.


  • There are modifications in the C4DtoA API which require third-parties to recompile their C4DtoA extensions.


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