Release Date

June 26, 2019


This version uses the Arnold core, and it includes the beta version of Arnold GPU. See the Release Notes.

Important information about Arnold GPU (beta)

Minimum required R20 version is now R20.057. If you have an older version it can hang at startup when loading the plugin. Please update your Cinema 4D R20 in this case.



  • Added isolate selected feature to the IPR window
  • Added render text overlay settings
  • Added clip_geo shader which clips out all geometry against the shapes it has been assigned to. Users can limit the objects that are affected with trace sets, and optionally choose a specific shader for the intersection surfaces. Self-intersecting geometry or intersecting clipping objects can cause artifacts.
  • Added AOV read shaders which let you access built-in AOVs in the AOV shader context or custom AOVs in the regular shading context.
  • Autodesk analytics program: Arnold can now optionally send anonymous statistics data back to Autodesk for analysis, which helps optimizing Arnold for the commonly used workflows and systems. For the moment this is only available for OSX and disabled by default (opted-out). This service can be enabled (opted-in) through the kick -ADP flag, or through other Autodesk applications that support this, such as Maya and 3ds Max.



  • IPR crash with light instances and light linking
  • IPR crash with light instances and mesh lights
  • Bad IPR performance when translating heavy objects
  • Crash when clicking on debug shading before starting the IPR
  • Can't edit IPR Zoom parameter when IPR is off
  • Incorrect motion blur with xpGenerator and particles with limited lifespan
  • Network editor shader tree does not open while searching shaders
  • Subdivision is not baked when device is set to GPU
  • Can not select output channels of an OSL node
  • No Arnold tag on a camera created as a child of an object
  • Can not control placement of newly created Arnold lights and drivers
  • Driver path sometimes fails to update when switching selection between two driver objects


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