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Supported Cinema 4D versions:

  • R19.024 and above
  • R20.057 and above
  • R21.026 and above
  • R22.016 and above


This version uses the Arnold core, and it includes the Arnold GPU. See the Release Notes.

Autodesk Network Licensing in Arnold 6 requires new license files with an updated 2020 version. Please follow the instructions on this page to generate your license file. More info about Arnold 6 licensing can be found here.



  • USD export: Exporting scene to USD format (.usd, .usda, or .usdc) is now available in the Scene Export dialog. (#1582)
  • Default maketx options in the Tx Manager: Tx Manager now has a checkbox to specify the same maketx options used by the auto tx process. This means converting textures to the render color space and converting 8bit images to 16bit floating point images. (#1428)
  • Tx Manager improvements: Tx Manager now displays a preview of the selected texture and a progress bar while generating Tx files. The selected texture can be opened from the context menu. A new button is added to the toolbar to convert paths to relative or absolute paths. The manual refresh button is removed, now the dialog updates automatically. (#1428)
  • New auto tx button on the IPR toolbar: A new button is added to the IPR window toolbar to enable/disable auto tx generation during the IPR session. You may want to disable auto tx while you are prototyping or experimenting with different textures in the IPR. The button is not visible by default, you can add it to the toolbar via the View > Toolbar > Show auto TX button menu. (#1583)
  • AOV presets in the IPR: Inactive AOVs and presets saved in the render settings are now listed on the toolbar of the IPR window allowing users to quickly review any AOVs.  (#1535)
  • AOV presets moved: AOV presets are now stored in the arnold user.lib4d preset library instead of user.lib4d. (#1597)
  • Custom debug shaders in the IPR: Besides the built-in debug shading modes, users can now specify custom shaders. Custom debug shaders are stored in the Arnold user material library and listed in the IPR window. (#1590)
  • Debug shaders in the render settings: Debug shaders are now listed in Render Settings > Diagnostics > Feature overrides. Settings from the IPR window can be copied over to the render settings.  (#1600)
  • Hair instances: Instances created by the Hair Object now can be rendered directly in Arnold. (#512)
  • Background mask: Arnold Object Mask tag can now be added to the Arnold Sky or Background object to have a mask of the background. Note that there are some limitations, the background mask does not work if fog or atmosphere volume is used in the scene or with transmission. (#1579)
  • RGB object mask: You can now select RGB and RGBA AOV type for object masks and select the channel(s) where the mask is written. (#1499)
  • Use the object name in newly created object mask tags: Object masks now have the option to copy the name of the object they are assigned to. This is now the default. (#1559)
  • Automatically add AOVs when creating custom AOV and object mask tags: Custom AOVs are now automatically added to each driver in the scene when creating a new custom AOV or object mask tag or changing the AOV name in the tag. No need to go to the render settings and activate the custom AOVs manually. The custom AOV is removed automatically when a tag is removed and the custom AOV is not used any more in the scene. (#1534)
  • Automatically add custom AOV from an aov_write shader: Custom AOVs are now automatically added to each driver in the scene when creating a new aov_write shader or changing the AOV name in the shader. No need to go to the render settings and activate the custom AOVs manually. The custom AOV is removed automatically when the shader is removed and the custom AOV is not used any more in the scene. (#1560)
  • Copy AOVs from the display driver when a new driver is created: Creating a new Arnold Driver from the plugin menu or AOV dialog will add all AOVs from the display driver. (#1561)
  • User defined OSL include paths: A new option has been added to Arnold Render Settings > System > Search paths to allow additional include search paths to be provided to OSL when compiling shaders. This option is a single string that can contains multiple search paths separated by a colon (:) or a semi-colon (;). (#1581)
  • Use instance cache on the alembic procedural: A new parameter Use instance cache has been added to the alembic procedural to be able to disable the internal cache that shares instances between alembic nodes. When disabled, this helps with using operators to override alembic contents. (#1581)
  • Autodesk Desktop Analytics Program (ADP): Data collection for analytics is now added. If this is the first time an Autodesk product is installed, a dialog opens at startup notifying the user about data collection and use. You can change your participation anytime in the C4DtoA > Help menu. (#1433)


  • #1563 Color inputs are not converted when OCIO color manager is used
  • #1576 IPR does not update correctly when the color manager changes
  • #1596 Crash when changing to a render settings with custom color manager in the IPR
  • #1598 Corrupt OCIO color space when switching between render settings
  • #1574 Do not export color manager to procedural ASS file
  • #1587 Plugin occasionally hangs on Threadripper 3 3970x
  • #1588 Anisotropy in standard_surface is disabled when type is randomwalk v2
  • #1595 Camera filtermap is not exported
  • #1529 Ortho camera specified in the Arnold tag does not match the viewport
  • #1599 IPR does not update when clamp sample values is disabled
  • #1573 $res token does not work in the Arnold driver path
  • #1566 Search textures in subfolders does not work for procedurals
  • #1593 'options: could not read INT parameter "render_device"' warning in log on Mac


The C4DtoA API has been modified which requires third-parties to recompile their C4DtoA extensions.

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