This utility enables you to bake out any selected geometry created during render time to a mesh in OBJ format. This includes subdivision and displacement, which can later be used for reference (for example a floor with a displacement map as a reference for an animator).


OBJ Path

Specify the path of the output OBJ file.


Define the scale of the exported geometries. For instance if the Project Scale is 1 cm and the Scale is 1 m, then geometries are scaled up by 100 when written to the OBJ file.


Write out vertex normals when enabled.

The mesh has to be triangulated to be able to write out vertex normals.

Texture Coords (UVs)

Write out vertex UV coordinates when enabled.


Flip X Axis

Flip X coordinate of the vertices.

Flip Y Axis

Flip Y coordinate of the vertices.

Flip Z Axis

Flip Z coordinate of the vertices.


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