blackbody (temperature 0-3000) -> emission_color


The blackbody shader emits a color based on color temperature. It is useful for fire and explosions, or for light emission using the blackbody spectrum.

For volumes, a volume sample shader reading from a temperature channel should be connected to the blackbody shader.

The blackbody shader is a copy of the Houdini Pyro shader and is thus tailored for the output of pyro simulations.

You must ensure that a volume sample shader is connected to the blackbody shader.


The temperature corresponding to an input value of 1. For example, if this parameter is 6500 (the default 6500K, is considered as the "daylight" white point), then an input value of 1 means a temperature of 6500 degrees Kelvin. The color ranges from red, through to white and then to blue. Values above 6500 will give a cool color, whilst values below will show a warm color.


By enabling normalize, the intensity is discarded, and a normalized color is output instead. This can be used to control the intensity separately from the color.


This controls the intensity of the blackbody emission. For physically correct results intensity 1 must be used. This can result in extremely bright light, however, and lower values may be used to reduce the intensity.



Blackbody volume example. Scene file here.

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