The disk light shape simulates light from a circular area source (flat disk).

Along with the settings that are common to all lights, this light also has the following attributes:


The radius of the disk. Disk lights will always be circular. It is not possible to scale the width or height to create an ellipse. When rendering, Arnold stores a disk light as just a point and a radius. Any transforms are applied to the position, but not the radius.

Look at

Allows you to define a target object the light always points toward.


Emits light focused in the direction along the normal. The default spread value of 1 gives diffuse emission, while lower values focus the light more until it becomes almost a laser-like beam at value 0. Currently fully focused laser beams at value 0 are not supported, there is always a small minimum spread. Low spread values can be noisier than the default high spread, so be careful when using them.

The animation below shows the effect when lowering the spread value.

spread value lowered from 1 (quad_light)


Further example of a scene lit with a disk light

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