Vertex maps

Export Vertex Maps

The method with which the vertex map is exported. Choose between All, Selected or None.

Vertex Maps

You can drag & drop vertex maps onto this box.

Reference object

You can use a reference state (Pref, or reference positions or bind pose) of the object for shading purposes, for example, to avoid swimming of procedural textures when the mesh is distorted.

With Pref coordinates, you can always reference the same point on an object, even when the object deforms.

Click on the Record reference object button to store the current state (points and normals) of the object. The number of stored points and normals are visible in the status line under the button.

Click on the Clear button to remove the stored data.

Export reference points

This option exports the stored reference points to the Pref user data parameter. Pref positions are used with procedural textures to avoid swimming when the mesh is distorted. 

'Export Reference Positions' disabled

'Export Reference Positions' enabled


You can also use a Pin Material Tag (former Stick Texture Tag) to export reference points (Pref). Note that the Stick Texture Tag is exported only if the Export reference points flag is disabled. Otherwise, the stored points will be exported.

Reference points can be exported in world space as well. This can be useful for instance to stick texture when using a triplanar shader in world space.

Export reference normals

This option exports the stored reference normals to the Nref user data parameter of the polymesh.


Generate UVs

Export Parameters

When enabled the UVs of the polymesh are overridden by UVs generated from a specified texture tag. This feature can be useful in some cases when a custom Projection is used and the surface derivatives can not be updated properly (e.g. displacement with auto bump).

Texture Tag

The texture tag to generate the UVs from when Generate UVs is enabled.

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