With no TX files if you have the Auto-mipmap or Auto-tile options enabled by default, a pre-process of the texture will be performed by OIIO in the first render that a texture is used. This will be saved in the texture cache, and the process will not be required in following renders. The drawback of this is that in Windows, textures will be locked after the first render.

If you need to modify a texture while you are rendering, you have the following options:

Used texture files are locked after a render has been started (even if it is not an IPR session) and they cannot be written by another application such as Photoshop, for example. The typical message that is shown is:

The user then has to close Cinema 4D and reopen the scene for C4DtoA to accept the newly saved texture file. 

This issue only exists on the Windows platform. MacOS users should be unaffected.

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