Help Menu


There are useful links and information for C4DtoA in the Plugins > C4DtoA > Help menu.

  • User Guide: opens this C4DtoA manual in the browser.
  • Tutorials: opens the C4DtoA Tutorial page in the browser.
  • Arnold Renderer website: opens the Arnold renderer website in the browser.
  • Arnold Answers: opens the Arnold Answers website in the browser.
  • Support Blog: opens the Solid Angle support blog page in the browser.
  • Licensing: opens the licensing menu which allows you to setup the license server, get diagnostics, receive your MAC address, etc.
  • Developer Guide: opens the C++ API page of the support site in the browser.
  • Release notes: opens the release notes of the current build in the browser.
  • About C4DtoA: opens a dialog showing credits, the version number of C4DtoA and the Arnold core and copyright notes.


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